Friday, October 14, 2011

DAY 52/53/54/55

Getting way too lax on updating this thing as of late.  Been real busy and not-home all week.  Finally finished the video which I'll probably upload before going to bed.  I feel real bad as this week has turned out to be an off-the-wagon week for me.  No money and cheap high-calorie food to stave off hunger have left me feeling bloated, tired, and in a general state of melancholy.

I get paid tomorrow so I intend to do right this weekend and next week.  I don't know if I will join Brian on a full 15-day continuation after Day-60... but I will be doing another reboot before the end of the year for sure.  Until then it's going to be a juice/mix diet focusing primarily on micronutrient foods, juices, and as few simple carbs, high fat, and high-sodium foods as I can.

I will also be forgoing the regular updates until the final day so it will be a surprise lol.

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