Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 1 Wrap-up

So here we are at Week 2 now!  That's right... I guess I should've mentioned that Day 1 was June 1st.

It's been interesting so far...

Here's the scoop.  I'm not sure Brian is as Gung-Ho for this as I thought.  The empty pack of Vanilla Oreos might be the first clue.  So I'm sad to report that this may be a lone journey if I can't talk him into jumping back on the bandwagon.

Here's the other change... I've decided to embark on a 'Water Fast' for a little while.  After juicing for 5 days... my appetite decreased and my taste for the juice diminished.  This was the same as before.. but this time I've decided to switch things up for a little while and do a true (hydrated) fast for a week or so.  It's strange and refreshing at the same time.  It's an experience I've wanted to have before but never had the courage or discipline to take seriously.  I don't know how long I will do this.  I'm keeping tabs on my health by urinalysis and blood glucose levels to make sure I don't stray into danger territory.  My plan is to switch back to the juice for at least a week or two before the 60-Days are over so my body can re-adjust back to food and take in the delicious nutrients.

Primarily, my reasoning is that the sugary juices (even when mostly vegetables) keeps the body from entering a state of Ketosis... which is when the body starts digesting adipose fat for use as energy once glucose/glycogen reserves are depleted.   It's a normal aspect to fasting and considered generally safe in normal conditions.  The body was designed to go periods of time without eating, it's a feature of our genetic makeup.  When you are in good health and not carrying around a lot of adipose fat (that is the bulky 'useless' fat that makes fat people fat), fasting can use up your fat really quick and will start breaking down muscles for energy quickly.  When you're as full of adipose fat as I am... that takes a while.  In fact, I bet if I kept myself hydrated and maintained good mineral/vitamin levels... it would take a very long time to burn off all this excess.

Don't worry though, I don't plan to fast that long.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here it goes *(again)....

Ok, yes, I've been neglectful in this endeavor.  As you might have imagined by my sudden and lengthy silence... the weight loss didn't stick and a return to bad habits has landed me right back where I started.

Will I let this keep me down?

Of course not!

So Big-B and I have started another 60-day reboot to give this thing another whirl!  He will be started come Monday due to other weekend plans... but this time around we have no excuses.  Juicer is working and available and no immediate plans to go anywhere where juicing wouldn't be possible.  I just finished the first day today and it's been pretty good although hungry and lightly lethargic.

This time around I'll be doing things a little differently from last time.  I gave myself a basic blood work-up beforehand and a lot of body measurements so I will have specific numbers to compare with the end.  I will also not be weighing in every day.  I think I will weigh in on a weekly basis to make it more interesting.  I was going to wait until Aug. 1st, but that's just too long to go without knowing haha.

Well it is late, but there ya go.  That's where I stand.  I WILL try to keep in touch.

Juice on!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Reboot 2, Day 5

One week almost down.  At least the work week is over!  Kinda been a rough day since my current property owner 'accidently' double drafted my account for this month's rent.

Not good.

I also made the nastiest, non-beet based, drink yet... it involved parsley.

I will try to remember and get Brian to do another video for our YouTube channel this weekend.  It's been too long since our last one for sure.  I've also decided to cut my juice-only fast short to 15 days... with the remainder (15) being 80% juice per day.  I'm exercising more and need the energy to do it.  Not to mention that I'm not particularly feeling the good vibes I got from it last time.  I'm fairly comfortable with where I'm at now and how much I've accomplished since August.

Weight: 288lbs

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reboot 2, Day 4

Well yesterday was a poop.  That's right... a poop.

I felt generally dysphoric and uncomfortable for the majority of the day.  Not hungry... just anxious and uncomfortable.  I'm feeling a little better now, this morning, but I may end up changing my plans from a 30 Day juice fast to a 10-Day... I can extend later if I really start feeling better about it.

The fact of the matter is that I already had a good reboot and now I'm just doing it to lose weight.  Although losing massive amounts of weight is a primary side effect to rebooting... it's not why one should reboot altogether.

I may cut this one short and just adopt a high-micronutrient based diet for a while.  Even if that means making juice for half of my meals and sticking to legumes/nuts/seeds for the rest.  I really shouldn't be in any rush to drop the pounds.. it took me a decade to put them on.

I'm real happy with where I've gotten and look forward to dropping more until I reach my ideal weight...

...which may not take just a month.

Day 4 Weigh-In: 248lbs

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reboot 2, Day 3

Hey Folks!

Day 3 and feeling better.  Had a good night last night and looking forward to the weekend already... just gotta get over this hump day!  I think i'll start today with a light kale and apple juice with a shot of ginger.  I'll probably just end up swinging by a Whole Foods today for lunch to get another juice.

Just got to resist that temptation to grab a slice of pizza while I'm there lol.

So here we are, continuing on strong.  I should also mention I took the new bike out to a local path for a 7-mile ride.  Boy was that fun.  Fun except a little spill right in front of a cute girl.  That's my luck for ya lol.  Oh well, it was a fun trip and I think I'll make it a regular visit since it's so convenient to the work HQ.

Until next time... Auf Wiedersehen!

Today's Weigh In:  248lbs

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reboot 2, Day 2

Here we go!  It's Day 2 and going strong.  I didn't have enough juice yesterday and probably not enough water. That might explain the strange dreams from last night.

In addition to the strange dreams I also woke up a few times feeling something I can only describe as a form of consternation.  I would also describe it as waking suddenly with that feeling you left the oven on at home while you're on vaction... so that wasn't all too fun.

Anyway, hoping today/tonight fair better for me.  Last night I wasn't very hungry and neither am I this morning.  Not sure why, but maybe I'm over the hunger already... or it hasn't sunk in yet.  Beats me.

Either way, here we are.  Day 2.

Reboot 2, Day-2: 250lbs

Monday, October 31, 2011

Reboot 2, Day 1

Ok... so apparently Brian and I have gotten lazy when it comes to update videos.  We're sorry for that, but I promise I'll have something for you next week!  Especially now that we're undertaking a 2nd Reboot!  That's right!  This will only be 30 days this time.  I will, as before, try to update daily on the progress.

After the Q&A with Joe Cross, Brian and I have learned some more fascinating details about juicing and where we might not have really gotten all we could've out of ours.  The occasional cheats, it seems, breaks the fast and reintroduces hunger as well as your body's process of storing fat.  So absolutely no cheats this time.  Even if that means going some time without juice or food at all.  Now that we both have juicers there should be no excuses.

For all those out there, both of you, thanks for the encouragement and if you are rebooting as well... Congrats!  I support you in spirit and offer my chronicle here of experience as a helpful guide in whatever form it can.  Juice on!

Original Weight: August 10, 2011 - 305lbs

Reboot 2 Starting Weight, Day-1: 255lbs

Edit:  It is now the end of Day 1 and it wasn't too bad today.  Got home and went to bed for a few hours to help stave off the hunger pains... but feeling decent overall.  I expect tomorrow/(day after) to be a little tougher as my body starts to yearn for dietary fiber and the usual energy sustenance.  But looking forward to Day 4+ when that goes away and the peaceful feelings begin.