Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reboot 2, Day 3

Hey Folks!

Day 3 and feeling better.  Had a good night last night and looking forward to the weekend already... just gotta get over this hump day!  I think i'll start today with a light kale and apple juice with a shot of ginger.  I'll probably just end up swinging by a Whole Foods today for lunch to get another juice.

Just got to resist that temptation to grab a slice of pizza while I'm there lol.

So here we are, continuing on strong.  I should also mention I took the new bike out to a local path for a 7-mile ride.  Boy was that fun.  Fun except a little spill right in front of a cute girl.  That's my luck for ya lol.  Oh well, it was a fun trip and I think I'll make it a regular visit since it's so convenient to the work HQ.

Until next time... Auf Wiedersehen!

Today's Weigh In:  248lbs

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