Saturday, June 2, 2012

Here it goes *(again)....

Ok, yes, I've been neglectful in this endeavor.  As you might have imagined by my sudden and lengthy silence... the weight loss didn't stick and a return to bad habits has landed me right back where I started.

Will I let this keep me down?

Of course not!

So Big-B and I have started another 60-day reboot to give this thing another whirl!  He will be started come Monday due to other weekend plans... but this time around we have no excuses.  Juicer is working and available and no immediate plans to go anywhere where juicing wouldn't be possible.  I just finished the first day today and it's been pretty good although hungry and lightly lethargic.

This time around I'll be doing things a little differently from last time.  I gave myself a basic blood work-up beforehand and a lot of body measurements so I will have specific numbers to compare with the end.  I will also not be weighing in every day.  I think I will weigh in on a weekly basis to make it more interesting.  I was going to wait until Aug. 1st, but that's just too long to go without knowing haha.

Well it is late, but there ya go.  That's where I stand.  I WILL try to keep in touch.

Juice on!


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