Monday, September 12, 2011

DAY 24

Great news everyone!  I FINALLY HAVE A JUICER!!!  So it's juice only until (at least) day 40... depending on what direction I want to go at that point.

Had a pretty good day today and it really felt good to get encouraging words from the folks that noticed my change in appearance since the beginning of this thing.  It's stuff like that, my bud Brian, and my own desire to hone my perseverance -and- prove to myself that "I can do it!".  I also upped the ante this afternoon when I got home from work and hit the gym for an hour of pretty intense walking with 30lbs worth of hand weights.  It was 'enlightening' to just feel again what I was carrying around every day just a few weeks ago.

Thanks to everyone who's chimed in and communicated in some way with us!  We hope to help spread the awesomeness of the 'Reboot Revolution' and the opportunity for anyone in any situation to embrace a life-changing through it!  Juice on!

Weight:  267.6 (unofficial)

Consumed:  Same as always lol.

Rating:  8.5/10

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