Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DAY 33

Whew... just got back from the gym and feeling pretty relaxed.  Gonna hit the shower and get to bed for a good rest.  Remember cats and kittens... it's the long sleep that allows the body to build muscle and all that biochemical magics!

Anyway, it was a good day, drank more juice and ate less solid raw foods.  Trying to ween myself of of these delicious Pink Lady Apples is pretty hard though...

**On a side note, I experimented with some tomatoes and sweet onion today in the juicer.  I will most likely not be doing that again anytime soon lol**

Weight: 265lbs (unofficial)

Consumed:  Carrot-Lime blend, Naked Juice, 2 Apples, 1 Banana, and some fresh pineapple juice.

Rating: 8.5/10

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