Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DAY 40

*****Note.. new picture to the right.  That was taken a couple days ago ****

2/3rds the way through folks!  I gotta tell ya, it feels good too!

Not much to report for the day, just glad the work week is over the hump and the weekend approaches!  Looking forward to it and getting closer to Day-60!

Weight: 258lbs (unofficial)

Consumed: Mean Green and Carrot-Lime with some extras.  Also worked in some prunes and a small cucumber salad.

Rating:  8/10


  1. Holy bajolies!
    You look AMAZING! You are doing so, so well!

    The juice is amazing, isn't it?

  2. Why thank you Miss. Latté!

    It is... I just wish it was cheaper lol. I also wish I had Brian's which is the same model Joe uses in the movie... Having to dump out every batch is kinda a pain in the morning when preparing for work.

    Can't complain though, not one bit :)

    So how did your 30-day fast go? Going again any time soon?