Thursday, September 29, 2011

DAY 41

So I worked a little bit with one of Brian's recipes this morning.. and came up with my favorite juice yet.  Here's the recipe:

1 pound of Carrots (ends chopped and peeled)
1 Cucumber (also peeled)
1 Medium Handful of Spinach (cold washed)
1 Golden Delicious Medium Sized Apple
1 Red Delicious Medium Sized Apple
1 Whole Small Lime
1 Thumb Ginger (peeled)
1 Cup water
--mint to taste--

This was fantastic!  As good as any V8 Splash from the store and a million times healthier!

Other than that, same as usual.  Excited about the weekend... since it's the time in-between workdays lol.  Will keep this thing updated as I can.

Weight: 258lbs (unofficial)

Consumed:  Mean Green and Carrot-Spinach-Lime.

Rating: 8.5/10

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