Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DAY 11

Well day 11 has been kinda uncomfortable and counter-productive.  Still no word on the mystery missing juicer Brian was supposed to get weeks ago.  I can't afford to make the drives to his place to juice up.  I also can't keep drinking the bottles at the store that have great ingredients.. but is also pasteurized and filled with concentrated sweet fruit juice.  So For the last two days I've been eating solid food.. which isn't kosher for a juice fast.

I'm still sticking with the raw fruits and veggies... but now with the digestive system back in action I've gained a couple pounds since Sunday and thus am starting to feel somewhat disconcerted.  I'm sure it's mostly just what's being compiled in the digestive track... but not good for the numbers and just means I'll get to go through the no-solids cravings again once I start the juice again.  I really hope Brian gets his juicer soon.  Thanks Bed, Bath, and Beyond....

Weight: 276lbs (unofficial)

Consumed: A small romaine/tomato salad, a head of broccoli, a bowl of mixed fruit, a handful of carrots, and a bottle of bolthouse green juice.

Rating:  7/10

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