Saturday, August 13, 2011

Preparatory Day 4 of 5

Today was pretty good, the hunger is a little better, and I'm feeling fairly good.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to secure the juicer I was expecting to get this weekend... So I may have to pick up some juices from Whole Food next week.

Start of Day Weight:  unknown

Consumed:  70oz of Water (one cup with fiber added), 1 banana, half of a granola bar, cup of carrots, 1 small pickle, and a Taco Bell bean burrito fresco style.

I also had a 30-minute brisk walk this afternoon which felt pretty good.

I splurged for the burrito...and...I'm not sure my stomach was ready for that.  At least I only used half of the wrap right?

«I should note that I'm away from home this weekend so I can't weigh-in until Sunday night.»

End of Day Weight: unknown (cumulative loss to date: 9.5lbs)

Overall Daily Rating:    8.5/10

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