Thursday, August 11, 2011

Preparatory Day 1 of 5

Today I began to reduce my caloric intake and increase fluid/raw food intake.

Start of Day Weight: 304.5lbs.

Consumed: 60oz of Water (one cup with fiber added), 2 servings of  'Naked Juice' Green Machine, 1 serving yogurt, 1 banana, 3 carrots, and a grilled chicken caesar salad.

While the salad wasn't optimum (nor in any way organic) as well as sugary yogurt... it's definitely an improvement to my regular diet and a step to adjust to my upcoming juice-only diet.

Feelings and Observations:  I've felt pretty hungry at several points throughout the day, but I feel this is mostly due to the massive change from my regular intake quantity.  Some gas and frequent urination.

End of Day Weight: 297.7

Overall Daily Rating:   8/10   (10 being great and 1 being 'please shoot me right now')

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