Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day... Well Not Quite Yet... P3

Ugh.. really hating this wait for the juicer.  Creeping some more meat back into the diet until I can get it.  I feel like I've pigged out today, but in reality it's still a fraction of what I was eating before.  Ending the day with a slight headache.  The good news is that the 60-day plan has been officially moved to the 20th and even without the juicer, my buddy and myself will be juicing and storing every few days and I'll be packing several quarts to take home.

Start of Day Weight:  291.0

Consumed:  Not as much water as I know I need, dried pineapple bites, bunch of carrots, couple salads, 3 pork ribs, grilled chicken wrap, 1 banana, and a rather tasty Braeburn apple from Publix.

End of Day Weight: 292.2 (cumulative loss to date: 12.3lbs)

Overall Daily Rating:    8/10

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