Monday, August 22, 2011


It's the end of day 3 and I'm pretty hungry... I think I can chop a portion of that up to the neighbors cooking up something that smells real good.

Had to return to work today... and in turn... faced fast food and snacks everywhere!  I held strong though and stuck to the juice!  Tomorrow I'll be finishing off what I have left and heading back to Brian's to juice up another batch to last me until the end of day Friday (or Saturday morning).

Experiencing some general aches and back pain today.  Could be the hunger or just my usual tension and issues.

Still going to call today a success!  Just hoping to get over the hunger soon.


Weight:  283.2 (unofficial)

Consumed:  Green Juice (see for recipe listings) and an apple/pear/greens blend of my own concoction.  + Lots of water!

Overall Daily Rating:    5/10

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