Monday, August 29, 2011


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Day 9 is finally over, been a rather long one and it's actually the start of day 10 as I write this.  I just uploaded our new video which includes some comments from both of us on how the first week went and the official weigh-in.  Today was good with little to no complications... although I feel that I didn't eat enough.  For the next day or so while we expect to get the juicer situation taken care of I may have to resort to some store bought veggie/fruit juice (Naked brand) and some solid food such as a banana as well as what juice I have from tonight. I'm trying to avoid the solids if I can though.

Weight: 284lbs (OFFICIAL) / 274.5 (unofficial)
Cumulative loss: 30lbs

Consumed:  A couple cups of veggie/fruit juice, a bottle of store bought veggie/fruit juice, and some fruit juice at the end of the day.  Not nearly as much as I'm sure I need and what I intended.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. wow guys this is amazing! That's massive loss. I just got a juicer for my birthday which was Saturday, and I am ready to start juicing. I gained 10 lbs this summer, and I am a 37 year old female. I know my journey will be different, but this is inspiring. I like to workout alot - are you guys working out at all? I am thinking I may juice and incorporate protein on the side to maintain my muscle. Overall I want to loose 30-40 lbs. I really want to shed the first 15 asap. I am excited. How much juice are you consuming a day? 3 a day? with water? or more?

  2. Just found your and Brian's blogs. I am your newest followers. Just finished watching Joe Cross' film and am excited about moving forward with my own journey. Check out my story over at

    Good luck with your continued success.


  3. Thanks for the comments! As for exercise... I'm not sure about Brian, but I try to incorporate about 30 minutes of light cardio in every other day and my job generally keeps me moving around a fair bit too. Once I drop more weight and get more energy I will most likely be picking up the pace a bit.

    We were both once pretty big into martial arts. I was a 2nd degree black belt and that was the primary reason I was able to get away with such a horrible diet for so long. I intend to jump back into the game once I feel up to it.