Monday, August 15, 2011

Day... Well Not Quite Yet...

Ok so it looks like it may be even longer before I can get my juicer. Does that mean I'm going to forego eating healthy until then?  No, of course not!  Instead I will be eating small healthy items keeping my daily caloric intake to a reasonable 500-700 calories.

Today's intake consisted of:

1 Banana (105Cal)
2 Peanut Butter Crackers (~70Cal)
1 Fresco Style Chicken Soft Taco (Taco Bell) (150Cal)
1 Small Side Salad (Wendy's) (~200Cal)

total: ~500 Calories.

I think this was pretty reasonable... and keeps me from starving myself unnecessarily until I can really start my 60-day juicing adventure.  I will be continuing my daily updates as usual.  I have also considered including morning blood-pressure readings as well.


Start of Day Weight:  290.8

Consumed:  (see above)

End of Day Weight: 290.2 (cumulative loss to date: 14.3lbs)
Overall Daily Rating:    8.5/10


  1. Hey, I have just started reading your blog and I have to say that I am a little worried that your calorie intake is WAY low! At 300lbs You should be eating at very least 1000 calories to avoid your body shutting down and storing what you are trying to burn...

  2. Not to worry my friend. As you may read further along, I slowly brought my intake back up to around 1000 and with the juice I'm drinking about 60-70 ounces a day with lots of water. I did read that a 'Juicing Fast' is a misnomer in that you are not starving, but rather, eating a liquified highly digestible food. This should be providing an ample supply of good calories to keep moving.

    ... and to correct any malnutrition I may have delved into during the pre-fast fast. Thanks for your concern and I hope you keep reading and keep in touch.